Skiing is the Cure…

Ski day one for me, and its January! Jeez… I usually have several ski days in the books by now. Can’t blame it entirely on The Covid… but travel restrictions certainly haven’t helped.

Good news, I’ve been reunited with snow, my favorite sport, with a gorgeous sunny fun week on the ski slopes skiing Breckenridge, Vail and Keystone in Colorado. Thanks to my Epic Pass, this is all possible with on line reservations for my ski days. No need to quarantine upon arriving in Colorado either…just wear your mask!

There is nothing that gives me as much joy as skiing – the pure exhilaration of carving my name into the mountain. I’m addicted to the winter dance, the magical rhythm of skiing, arcing back-and-forth. I love skiing. I love being outdoors in the fresh air amid the grand mountain scape. I’m no epidemiologist, but I can’t think of a healthier pastime, especially now. I find the pull of gravity thrilling as I charge down a well-groomed slope, or floating through an untouched powder field.

My love for skiing remains, though this ski season is different.

What I miss this ski season?
The social… riding a chairlift with a brand new friend, chatting about best places we have every skied… I am probably annoying on this topic since I have had privilege of skiing over 200 resorts around the Globe. I love hearing from other avid skiers about the places they’ve been, and what’s on their ski bucket list for future travels.

Ski friends tell me they miss booting up in the lodge, seeing ski friends with the shared anticipation of getting out on snow. This season, boot up and tailgate party is in the parking lot.

I miss après ski, slopeside bars, dancing and drinks with live music, and lively banter about our best runs and funniest moments on the mountains. Especially I miss apres ski at Vail – but I give props to local bar owners for offering pop up outdoor bars on Bridge Street, and to town officials allowing open drinks (in appropriately labels cups) in designated areas of the Village. Hopefully we’ll get back to that, and shot skis… on second thought… perhaps those were “never a prudent choicein my mom voice.

Skiing this season reaffirms what’s amazing about the snow sport… it’s truly about the getting outdoors, social distancing in the best possible way, getting away from society, breaking away from the rigors of work and politics, and every day rituals and routine. Once you are on the ski slopes, it feels like the fabulous familiar sport, so refreshing, life-affirming and exhilarating – like always!

I’m grateful to ski during a global pandemic. Skiing fuels me, like nothing else. I am not naïve to the fact that travel is risky, but you have to live life. Life is for the now and there are safe places to enjoy your favorite passion and spark! Vail Resorts has taken safety protocols very seriously, from mask requirements, reservations required for skiing, and for indoor dining, spacing and distancing around the lodges, in lift lines and on lifts.

How naïve of me to have stated a few years back that we should ski our age in days, a feat I had accomplished up until last season when our Canadian Rockies ski trip ended with shutdowns mid March 2020 for Corona virus. And this season has also been restricted.

So let’s just say “ski when you can
SOS – Save Our Season, Stop the Spread
“Wear a Mask” which is no hardship in an inherently cold weather sport.
Be grateful for every minute outdoors, skiing! While I can’t see your big powder grin, and you can’t see my big ski smile, I bet you can see the joy in my eyes when I am skiing.

I look forward to seeing you on the slopes ski friends. Be well, ski often ! Heather